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What we do

Whether it be for month end KPI reporting or identifying improvement points in our processes, most teams spend countless hours extracting data from their CMMS, into Excel spreadsheets, only to repeat this time after time. The repetitiveness of these tasks results in wasted time and frustrated employees, not to mention the significant potential for data manipulation errors!

At Asset Intelligence Management, we help you eliminate all that work by implementing a modernized version of Excel called Power BI. This centralized software allows for each department to connect to the CMMS, create their reports, set a refresh schedule, and never touch it again! No more data manipulation, no more wasted time! You can now focus on analyzing your dashboards, fixing your processes, and enhancing performance!

What we do



Mark is the founder of Asset Intelligence Management. He holds a Master's Degree in Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal and is a registered Professional Engineer.


Mark discovered his passion for asset management business intelligence when he recognized that there was a major lack in data availability when working as a Reliability Specialist and Maintenance Engineer.


Since then, his major focus has been the implementation of insightful reporting for all things asset management and is now thrilled to offer his services to all asset management professionals.

Mark Smyth, P.Eng

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At AIM, we strive for quality, and that's why we've partnered with the best in the industry; Microsoft. When it comes to seamless integration within your organization, there is no doubt that Power BI for your reporting needs and Power Apps for your business applications are the ideal tools. Let us help you implement them as part of your asset management processes and we promise that you won't regret it!



Our vision is to have all asset management professionals possess the necessary tools to facilitate quick and informed business decisions within their organization. 


Our mission is to assist organizations in the development of insightful and automated business intelligence reports with direct link to their asset management software.


Our promise is  to deliver high quality customized products that meet your business needs and  allow you to Assess, Improve and Master (AIM) your processes.

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