Asset reliability

Equipment Availability

As a maintenance & reliability professionals, having the ability to analyze equipment availability is crucial. Our goal is to increase equipment uptime as much as possible. Tracking equipment downtime events allows us to identify the reasons and causes of such events, and ultimately allow us to prevent them from happening again. If your CMMS has the ability to track downtime, AIM can help you connect directly to it. Otherwise, we can help you develop cost effective & user-friendly applications to get you on your way to improved equipment uptime.


Mean Time between failure (MTbf)

The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) metric measures the average amount of time between equipment failures. In other words, it quantifies how long an asset remains operational without being stopped for unplanned downtime. This can be seen as a measure of the asset's reliability - the longer the MTBF (or lack of fluctuation), the more reliable it is. Measuring your MTBF will help you identify problematic equipment and work on improving their reliability.


Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

The Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) metric measures the average amount of time it takes to return an asset to an operational state once it has been taken down for unplanned maintenance. MTTR and MTBF are typically analyzed together to identify bad actors. While MTBF measures how often it fails, MTTR measures for how long it fails, and when combining the two it is then possible to measure the impact on production.


Asset health dashboards

It is often difficult for Reliability Professionals to get a holistic view of asset health. Most CMMS lack the ability to combine information from different programs such as preventive maintenance, component useful life, condition monitoring, etc. AIM can help you solve this issue by connecting to multiple data sources and developing customized asset health dashboards that can be viewed at the site level and drilled down to individual assets.

Asset Health.png

Failure Codes & Modes analysis

Measuring and tracking KPIs such as Availability, MTBF and MTTR are great for identifying bad actors. However, it is often difficult to pinpoint the the root causes that reduces these assets' reliability. This is where failure codes & modes analysis comes in. At AIM, we can help you make the connection between bad actors and failure modes to find the real root causes, and solve them once and for all. If you CMMS' failure codes aren't optimized, we can help you with that as well.

Failure Modes.PNG

Pareto analysis

Pareto Analysis and his 80-20 rule is extremely useful in the world of reliability. Whether it be for part transactions or failure modes, it allows us to identify the 20% of items that generate 80% of our problems (cost, downtime, etc.). At AIM, we can help you build automated Pareto reports that will help you focus on the issues that will have the greatest impact on improving your organization's performance.