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Maintenance Management

Capturing maintenance management performance measures is essential in understanding the state of your department, and to ultimately work towards improving your processes. Unfortunately, most CMMS lack the ability to measure performance efficiently, and if you're like many others Excel is your tool of choice for establishing maintenance KPIs. That can be very time consuming, and the potential for data transfer errors are significant. AIM can help you automate your reporting, and let you focus on value added tasks. Amongst others, here are some well known KPIs we recommend:



Measures the amount of corrective work currently waiting to be performed.


Planned work %

Measures the amount of work that is completed in a planned manner. 


Schedule compliance

Measures whether or not you have accomplished the planned work.


PM Compliance

Indicates whether or not you are performaing your PM tasks on time.


Planning Accuracy

Measures the preciseness of your work order time estimates.