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Maintenance Management


As a maintenance management professional, having good visibility on your department's work order backlog is crucial to understand the current state of your maintenance program. Low levels of backlog could indicate an excess in manpower, while increasing or high levels could help justify more workforce. A good rule of thumb is having a steady backlog within 3 to 6 weeks worth of work. At AIM, we can help you develop dashboards identifying your backlog, which will help you assess your current state and make fact based decisions with regard to manpower.

Planned Work Percentage

In the field of industrial maintenance, performing work in a planned manner will not only be more  efficient, it can also reduce cost significantly. Studies show that unplanned work can cost as much as 10x more than planned work. It is therefore crucial to measure your planned work percentage. Target values can range between 60% and up to 85% depending on your industry. Unfortunately, while most CMMS will allow you to plan work, they typically lack the ability to measure KPIs such as this one. Fortunately, AIM can help you develop these KPIs in a very interactive and user friendly way.

Schedule Compliance

Schedule Compliance measures the amount of planned work that was completed within a given time frame. Many organizations will have weekly maintenance plans, but other variations exist as well. That's where many CMMS lack customization abilities. While most will allow for work order planning, they typically can't measure schedule compliance based specifically on your organizational needs. With the endless reporting abilities of Power BI, AIM can help you develop reports identifying precise Schedule Compliance KPIs.

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PM Compliance

PM Compliance measures your organization's ability to complete preventive maintenance work on time, as defined in your maintenance program. Preventive maintenance is a crucial aspect in ensuring asset reliability, thus being able to measure your performance with regard to this maintenance type is very important. 

AIM can help you develop PM Compliance reports with both leading and lagging indicators. The top graph to the right is a leading indicator that identifies trucks that are due for maintenance, which in this case is every 250 hours. The bottom graph is a lagging indicator that shows the average hour value at which the PMs were completed month over month.

planning accuracy

Planning accuracy measures your department's ability to effectively estimate the amount of time required to perform planned work orders. Having precise time estimates is important for planners and schedulers to establish realizable work plans. Accurate time estimates will typically lead to higher Schedule Compliance and Planned Work %, which could significantly reduce maintenance cost. A good starting point is to have the total executed time be within +/- 20% (i.e. 80% - 120%) of the estimated time. 

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