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data visualization

Defined by Gartner as a market leader since its introduction in 2013, Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular visualization platforms available for business intelligence. It also offers advanced data protection with Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security. With an expert partner like AIM working with you, you can be sure that you'll get the most out of your data, and in a very secure way. Need more convincing, read below or click on the link to the right to find out more.

Data Visualization


Power BI reports can easily be shared throughout your organization. No special software needed, simply an internet connection.


Microsoft products are some of the most secure available. Power BI is no exception. Connect to your data with piece of mind that only you will see it.


Does your organization work with Microsoft Business Solutions such as Office 365? If so, Power BI will integrate seamlessly with your processes.


Although on premise is available, Power BI is a cloud based service. Whether you're at work, on the road or at home, you'll always have access to your data.

Application development

We understand that some software simply do not have the capabilities that we need, and migrating to more suitable options can be time consuming and very costly. Fortunately, products such as Microsoft PowerApps allows us to create enterprise level custom applications that can support these software and "fill in the gaps". If your data is incomplete, AIM can work with you to create user-friendly apps to complement your software.

App Development
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